When to Hire a Queens Criminal Lawyer

Arrested in Queens?  Call Jason Steinberger at 646-256-1007 now, or contact him online.  Criminal cases are serious offenses that can carry serious consequences if not handled by an experienced Queens criminal defense attorney.

When is it best to call a lawyer?

As soon as possible!  If you or a family member has been arrested, contact Jason Steinberger immediately so he can help.  From the outset there are several advantages to hiring Jason Steinberger.

Jason Steinberger will immediately contact the arresting police officer and the Queens District Attorney’s Office to officially inform him or her that Jason has been retained.  Notifying a police officer and the Queens District Attorney’s Office that an arrestee in their custody has hired a lawyer prevents the police officer and the prosecutor from engaging in interrogation or questioning.  Many times, especially those who have never been arrested believe that if they are honest and tell the police everything that they know about the crime that it will help.  That is not always true.  Making an admission to the crime will only help the prosecutor prove their case against you or a loved one.

After contacting the arresting Queens Police Officer and Queens District Attorney’s Office to ensure that you or your family member’s rights against self-incrimination are protected, Jason will begin to work to get you or your family member out of jail as quickly as possible.  Because Jason Steinberger is a private attorney, he is not bound by rules that mandate that prisoners be arraigned in the order of arrest.  As soon, as your case or family member’s case is docketed and ready and for Court, Jason Steinberger will drop everything to be there as quickly as possible to get the arraignment done and your family member home.

Do I really need a private lawyer for an arraignment?

An arraignment is the first time an accused goes before a judge and is formally appraised of the charges pending against him or her.  At the arraignment, a bail hearing will take place.  In order to achieve the most successful results at the bail hearing you need an experienced Queens Criminal Defense Attorney.  For all crimes committed in Queens, both Felony and Misdemeanor offenses, the District Attorney’s will request that bail be set and that you or your loved one stay in jail until the bail is paid.  Having a tough and experienced Queens criminal lawyer like Jason Steinberger will help ensure that bail is not set and that you or your loved one is released ROR (Released on Own Recognizance).  Jason Steinberger will always come prepared to explain to the presiding judge that you or your family member is not a flight risk and that there is no risk of not returning to court.

After you are released, Jason Steinberger will invite you to come to his office, located in Queens, directly across the street from the Queens Supreme Courthouse and discuss how best to handle your case.