Aggressive Criminal & DWI/DUI Defense in Queens, NY

Jason-A.-Steinberger-Aggressively-Fighting-for-Your-RightsJason Steinberger is a 24/7 Queens Criminal and DWI/DUI Lawyer and Former New York State Criminal Prosecutor who always answers your call at 646-256-1007 and immediately take every step to get your friend or family member out of jail as soon as possible.  Mr. Steinberger is highly recommended by his previous clients because he always takes the time to explain every step of the Queens, NY arrest process.  Mr. Steinberger will walk always walk you through the arrest charges, the difference between the arrest charges and charges contained on the criminal court complaint, how the process works and what happens when your friend or loved is brought before judge.  But most importantly, Jason Steinberger will aggressively investigate the case as soon as it begins so that he can provide the most vigorous defense possible.

What is the difference between a Queens Felony or Misdemeanor Criminal Charge?

The difference, in general, between a felony case and a misdemeanor case is that felony charges carry more time in jail and enhanced restrictions on your civil liberties if convicted.  But in Queens, the difference between facing felony and misdemeanor charges extends to the courthouses you must attend for court appearances as well.

If you have been arrested on Queens NY felony charges like second offense DWI, gun possession, drug possession, drug sale, grand larceny, criminal possession of stolen property, fraud, assault, rape, robbery or burglary your case will be heard in the Supreme Court in Mineola after your arraignment. The Supreme Courthearing felony cases is located at 100 Supreme Court Drive. Misdemeanor cases, like DWI, DUI, assault, domestic assault, domestic violence, shoplifting, petit larceny, drug possession, marijuana possession, marijuana sale, criminal possession of a forged instrument, reckless driving, and driving with a suspended license are handled at the District Court located at 99 Main Street in Hempstead.

Will Hiring a Queens Criminal Defense Lawyer Help Me Get the Best Result?

Having the right criminal lawyer will help definitely help you get the best outcome.  By hiring a lawyer, you ensuring that you will always have an attorney who dedicates the required time and attention that your case needs.  Every single case is different.  There are no two criminal or DWI cases that are the same. Jason Steinberger understands that because every case is unique that each and every client deserves a unique and holistic approach towards getting the best possible outcome. As a former New York State Prosecutor, Jason Steinberger will evaluate your case the same way the District Attorney’s Office will.  However, whereas the District Attorney’s Office will be evaluating the evidence to build a case, Jason Steinberger will evaluate all of the government’s strengths in an effort to completely deconstruct and destroy the case.  Jason Steinberger knows that the District Attorney’s office must prove each case beyond a reasonable doubt and that when they cannot, that the case should be dismissed. As such, Jason Steinberger always promises to find each and every available proof problem so that he can demonstrate why the government cannot prove its case.

How Many Court Appearances Will I Have to Make?

Jason Steinberger understands that criminal cases are difficult to endure.  He knows that every client, in an ideal world, wants to the case as quickly as possible. However, Mr. Steinberger will never compromise getting you the best result in order the end case quicker.  Mr. Steinberger knows that there are very serious consequences ranging from getting a criminal record that cannot be expunged, to disqualification from receiving financial aid, to getting deported and sometimes even worse.  That’s why hiring Jason Steinberger is the best choice you can make for your Queens, NY case. Call now 646-256-1007.